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Etsy Is Making Big Changes, Frustrating Sellers

Photo Credit: Manitoba Coupon Maven – Michelle Roy via Flickr cc

Some of Etsy’s sellers are expressing frustration as the e-commerce retailer makes changes that affect them in big ways. The latest involves Etsy automatically advertising sellers’ products, then taking a cut of the sales generated by those ads. Some sellers remarked on the lack of transparency, saying that Etsy and Etsy alone decides when its ads were responsible for a sale. Meanwhile, Etsy’s free shipping initiative forced sellers to make the hard decision whether to raise prices or absorb the costs – or continue to charge for shipping and take the consequences.

Many sellers have grown increasingly frustrated with Etsy in recent years. The company has made a number of changes designed to boost sales, but they’ve often come in ways that seem to help Etsy’s bottom line while making business trickier for sellers.

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