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Ervét’s Two-in-One Duvet Makes It Easier to Share a Bed with Your Partner

ErvétAt the core of every healthy and happy relationship lies a major problem. It always unveils itself at night. That’s when the ferocious tug-of-war battle begins. One partner usually wakes up freezing at 3 a.m. with no blankets. It can be difficult to get a good night’s sleep while lying next to someone. Ervét changes the game. It’s a two-person bedding system that keeps both occupants comfortable and happy.

Ervét has two different duvet chambers that connect through magnetic strips embedded in the linens, so you can begin your evening with a single blanket that easily splits into two as the night continues. There’s no overnight battle for the blanket, just an easy night of sleep.

Each ervét duvet is made with TENCEL and a cotton blend. This combination offers a silky and luxurious feel. Ervét uses all vegan materials, but each insert feels like down. Couples can choose their desired thickness for their insert. It’s also easy to update your insert based on the temperature outside.

Most duvet sets can be a pain to set up. Ervét duvets use zippers instead of buttons. This makes it easy to change your bedding. There are also two hidden handholes in the corners. This allows you to easily position the insert in the corners of the duvet. And if you’re concerned about your insert bunching up within the duvet, ervét has you covered. There are slip-free inserts that keep everything connected as you toss and turn.

ErvétEach ervét set comes with two duvet covers, two duvet inserts, one fitted sheet, and two pillow cases. You can choose between white or grey bedding for either a queen or king sized bed.

There is no need to place extra blankets at the foot of the bed, or wage an all-out war with your partner for the quilt. Ervét won’t magically fix any lingering relationship issues. But this unique duvet set will make it easier to get a comfortable night’s sleep next to the person you love.