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Ergo Spout Turns Any Mason Jar Into a Pitcher in One Easy Step

Fact: No matter the volume, all regular Mason jars have the same size mouth. (Another fact: the inventor’s name really was Mason.)

Since all these jars have the same size opening, 2.75”, Ergo Spout can turn any Mason jar into a handy pitcher, no matter if it’s the small pint size or the large half-gallon.

Ergo Spout

Ergo Spout is a one piece handle and spout device that securely screws onto the mouth of any Mason jar and lets you use it as a pitcher for just about any liquid, hot or cold. Just screw it onto the top of your jar – the rubber gasket ensures a tight, leak-proof seal every time. A flip-top lid keeps contents fresh, and it’s easily opened just by extending your thumb. The ergonomic handle feels good in the hand and evenly balances any size jar for serving and storage.

Ergo Spout is appropriate for just about any liquid you want to serve – be it lemonade, pancake and waffle syrup, or even fresh salsa. It is dishwasher safe and is made to withstand the heat of your microwave with ease. Ergo Spout is BPA and phthalate free and constructed of food safe polypropylene.

Ergo Spout currently comes in three colors: vintage blue, barn red, and classic white.

Plans are in the works for a wide-mouth version as well. It should hit the market with in the next year.