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Enjoy Perfectly Blended Supplement Shakes On the Go with MiiXR

MiiXRIf you enjoy supplement shakes you know that many shaker bottles are complete disappointments. They leak, leave huge messes, leave lumps in the shake, and can be difficult to clean. Plus, you have to shake pretty hard to get a smooth shake. MiiXR is a self-blending bottle that gives you a creamy result without putting in the work.

MiiXR’s X-Blades look a little different than your traditional blender. This is because standard blender blades can actually decrease the nutritional value of your supplements. MiiXR’s rounded blades don’t cut through the nutrients so you get every last nutritional value.

MiiXRPlus, MiiXR’s X-Blade technology leaves your shake as smooth as melted chocolate (which is probably what you’re dreaming of when you’re mixing those supplements together).

MiiXR is powered by lithium ION batteries and the blender can even charge your smartphone. How often do you get to say, “the blender can even charge your smartphone?” There’s a micro USB port and a standard size USB port installed in the bottom of the blender. When your MiiXR is fully charged, the powering stations can charge wireless headphones 60 times or an iPhone 7 by at least 50%.

MiiXR’s features really sets it apart from other portable blenders available. There’s an extra wide spout that minimizes spills while drinking, and the lid’s seal is incredibly strong. So you can toss your MiiXR into a bag and not worry about your shake ruining your work clothes.

MiiXRMiiXR’s magnetic system makes it incredibly easy to clean, too. The motor is connected by the magnet. When it’s time to clean, all you have to do is pop it open and rinse. You could even add water and soap and let the MiiXR do the work for you.

And don’t feel as if your MiiXR is limited to just shakes. You can use the blender to whisk together eggs, pancake mix, or even alcohol. Whatever you want to blend, MiiXR will get the job done in just five seconds.