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ECommerce Sales Channel: How to Put the Right Team in Place

The eCommerce channel is the fastest growing retail segment, and although still in its infancy, it is gathering momentum at an epic pace. Excelling in this world requires complete organizational commitment and a dedicated approach. It must be seen as simply another revenue avenue, and most important in that lineup is your team.

Each member plays a very important role in the overall management of your accounts. So, whether your company utilizes large dedicated units, outsourced talent, or something in between, having the right people requires the same careful focus and team approach for you to maintain your business and maximize your sales.

No matter how you look at it eCommerce is a very demanding sales channel. It requires expertise and strategic planning. It is the only sales platform that makes the product the sales rep and messenger all tied up in one. Your SKU has less than 30 seconds to convince the customer to add to cart. When done correctly eCommerce can be very profitable and has a great growth trajectory. Make sure you surround your company with the expertise it needs to thrive.

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