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Dride Keeps Your Hands on the Wheel While Recording Every Moment on the Road

DrideI don’t want to start by criticizing millions of Americans on their driving skills, but I will mention that more drivers are picking up dash cams for their own protection. In case of an accident, a dash cam will provide police and insurance agents with direct footage of the accident, which can be really beneficial.

Dride is a step above your average dash cam. It’s a camera that connects wirelessly to the cloud and catalogues daily videos of your drives.

Not only will Dride provide you with footage of your drives, but it actively protects you from getting into an accident. If you start to drift into another lane, the device pushes out safety alerts to grab your attention.

But Dride does more than just help keep your eyes on the road. It also connects to your car or phone’s GPS system via Bluetooth, WiFi or the Dride app. You can manage directions, calls,, and text messages through voice commands. When you’ve safely brought your car to a stop, you can also manage Dride through the companion app.

DrideIf you’re familiar with the Raspberry Pi then you’ll be able to easily manage the Dride. It connects other drivers through the cloud and the app. Each interface is user friendly and is easy to manage. In the app, you can upload your own videos and pictures to your profile, share content with other drivers, and connect across the world.

There are many benefits to installing a dash cam inside your car. But Dride takes extra precautions to not only keep you safe behind the wheel, but to cover you in the event of an accident. Your insurance adjuster will thank you later.