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Dorai: All-Natural Bath Mat Uses Food-Grade Earth to Stay Dry

Your bath mat is probably the single most unsanitary thing in your bathroom, even though it is the easiest to clean. If you wash it once a week, you’re in the minority. Most of us get out of a shower all squeaky-clean, then step on a bacteria-laden rug that not only feels wet, but smells wet, too.

Dorai can fix that. The Dorai bath mat is made of a substance called diatomaceous earth, a fine, white powder consisting of fossilized algae that’s used in everything from toothpaste to swimming pool filters. It’s naturally antibacterial, and even used as a pesticide to kill bedbugs and fleas.


The Dorai bath mat naturally eliminates germs and bacteria without chemicals like bleach. Tiny, sand-like particles absorb water and dry out any harmful bacteria that form, keeping the mat fresh and dry, with no work on your part whatsoever. Use it alone, or in conjunction with its washable cotton cover. Either way, Dorai never holds water or generates mold or mildew. If Dorai gets dirty, use the included cleaning materials to bring it back to new.

And it’s not just a bath mat, either. Use Dorai to dry dishes or produce in the kitchen, to protect your surfaces when serving beverages, or as a doormat in the entry.

Dorai has a slip-proof backing, and comes in three colors – Himalayan Pink, Sandstone, and Bora Bora Blue. It’s the same size as most bath mats, about 15”x24”, but considerably heavier, coming in at just over four and a half pounds (after all, it is made of dirt).

Dorai is made of food-safe materials, and designed to last for years to come.