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Dick’s Sporting Goods Shifts Focus to Women

Dick's Sporting Goods
Photo Credit: Mike Mozart via Flickr cc

Dick’s Sporting Goods has a plan to grow its business, and that plan involves women and the products women want.

It is leaning into its in-house brands, such as Calia and DSG, to attract and retain shoppers who may have found Dick’s Sporting Goods lacking in the past. According to Lauren Hobart, president of Dick’s Sporting Goods, customers have been vocal about the lack of selection for women in its stores. To enhance that selection, Dick’s is looking to both its private brands and national brands.

“I think we’ve always had women in mind … but within the last two years it has been an overt conversation about women being at the forefront,” Carrie Guffey, vice president and general merchandise manager of footwear and women’s athletic apparel, said in an interview.

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