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CrunchCup: Take Breakfast Back with Cereal on the Go

CrunchCupBreakfast might be the most important meal of the day, but it’s also the easiest one to skip. When multiple people in one household have to get to multiple locations clean, dressed, and on time, sometimes the most important meal of the day gets bumped to last place on the priority list. The CrunchCup was made with hectic mornings in mind.

In the frantic dash from bed to front door and all the stops in between, it’s hard to find time to sit down and do nothing but eat. Even cereal, that convenient and tasty breakfast food, requires a certain amount of time devoted to nothing but bowl and spoon. The CrunchCup is a way to eat cereal one-handed, leaving your other hand free to do something else (drive, corral kids, text, etc.).

The CrunchCup requires just as much preparation as a bowl of cereal, but it has this advantage: the preparation need not be the second before you eat it. Why? Because the cereal and the milk do not mix. Its cup within a cup design means that only when you raise CrunchCup to your lips does the milk hit the cereal, so that the mouthful of cereal from the CrunchCup is just like the mouthful from the bowl and spoon – only possibly better, since every bite will taste like the very first, when the cereal is at its crunchiest.

Whether it’s the night before or the morning of, it takes just a minute to prepare CrunchCup. Just pour your milk or milk alternative of choice into the large cup, then fill the smaller cup with your favorite cereal. Then screw on the smaller cup and lid so that the cereal cup is nested inside the larger cup.

Just like that, you have your breakfast in your hand. You just saved yourself time and frustration. And think what would happen if you equipped the entire family with CrunchCups. How much easier would the weekday morning be?