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Create a Perfect Climate Between the Sheets with BedJet

BedJetYou will spend 30 percent of your life tucked away in bed. Our lives are too short to be sleeping in discomfort. There are different accessories available to personalize your comfort but there’s not that much you can do about managing the temperature. Some like a set of cool sheets while others prefer a stream of steady heat. If you share a bed with a significant other, these preferences can get complicated fast.

BedJet is a personal climate control system that fits under your mattress. The machine creates a steady flow of cool or warm air that flows between the sheets. BedJet’s sensors will detect your body temperature and will adjust the airflow throughout the night. The change in temperatures will allow you to sleep soundly without interrupting your REM cycle. This will leave you feeling refreshed in the morning.

Each BedJet stands under six inches and fits under most bed frames. The system comes with a duct system that fits between your sheets. This creates a tent-like system that ventilates your bedding. There’s also a dual system available, a perfect option for the couple who likes cool and warm air at night. BedJet also comes with a specialized sheet set that distributes air through the sheet itself. The blanket is made with 100 percent cotton and works like an electric blanket.

You can navigate the BedJet through a companion app, specialized remote, and Amazon Alexa. The app allows you to select temperatures, save preferences, and set a timer. BedJet will also cool your body off and remove all traces of sweat overnight.


BedJet’s acoustic damping technology keeps the machine quiet throughout the night. The machine has been deemed a “super safe electronic appliance,” the same standard as hospital beds. There’s no need to worry about a sudden fire or mechanical failure.

Sleeping with a BedJet allows you to ditch the extra blankets or excessive clothes each night. It’s the perfect solution to finding the perfect climate to catch some Zs. BedJet might also save a few marriages, too.