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Coca-Cola Releases First New Flavor in a Decade

Photo Credit: thetaxhaven via Flickr cc

Coca-Cola hasn’t released a new flavor in a decade. Orange Vanilla will break that dry spell on Feb. 25th. The beverage is supposed to taste like a Creamsicle frozen treat. Coke considered other fruit flavors before deciding on Orange Vanilla. The potential list included raspberry, lemon, and ginger. Orange Vanilla will join Cherry Coke and Vanilla Coke. There will also be a Coke Zero Sugar version of Orange Vanilla.

“This showed us our fans want choice but are getting it outside the Coke Trademark,” said Kate Carpenter, brand director at Coca-Cola, in a statement. “We knew we had an opportunity to give fans the variety they crave without sacrificing the Coca-Cola taste they love.”

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