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COBA: Your Favorite Pick-Me-Up in a Tasty, Snack-Size Bar

COBAA cup of coffee is not always as easy and fast to procure as one would like. When fatigue sets in, a quick pick-me-up requires either a trip to the coffee machine to brew it yourself or a trip to the coffee shop to pay someone else to brew it, and neither one is terribly time efficient. The creators of COBA have made coffee more portable than any mug or thermos, and faster than any kind of coffee you drink.

COBA is coffee you eat. It comes in two varieties: Milk and Dark. Despite the chocolate bar resemblance and names, COBA contains no cocoa. As the creators explain it, just as chocolate is made from cacao beans, COBA is made from coffee beans.

Each bar is equivalent to one cup of coffee, with 100 mg of caffeine. The Milk COBA bar contains some milk powder to make the taste a little more neutral for people who prefer diluted coffee. The Dark bar contains no milk powder and is therefore vegan. It has a stronger taste, ideal for those who like strong coffee.

The benefits of eating rather than drinking coffee are clear. With a bar you eat instead of a cup of liquid you drink, you rule out the possibility of spills. In the office, where expensive and company-owned electronics abound, this is particularly comforting.


You also save a lot of time and planning ahead. Actual coffee has to be temperature precise in order to be fully enjoyed, so the anywhere-anytime potential is minimal. COBA is as portable and as non-labor-intensive as a chocolate bar, and at 80 calories per Milk bar (the specs for the Dark bar are still being hammered out), you can enjoy COBA without guilt.