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CleanseBot Kills Bacteria on the Go with Powerful UV-C Lights

CleanseBotHave you ever felt exhausted after returning from a trip? It’s not just the constant travel that saps your energy. It’s the germs. You’re exposed to more bacteria while traveling. This can include planes, hotel rooms, public restrooms, and even your smartphone. You can only apply so much hand sanitizer to protect yourself. CleanseBot is an easy way to sanitize all surfaces around you, without relying on antibacterial cleansers or Emergen-c.

CleanseBot has been called the first bacteria killing robot. It’s a small device that holds four separate UV-C lamps to kill bacteria. The robot will even move around on its own, easily cleaning up bacteria on your hotel bed or floor. CleanseBot will disinfect your hotel bed within an hour. The robot kills bacteria and dust mites and even helps clean the air around you.

There are three different modes to choose from. Blanket mode will clean your sheets in a hotel room. Lamps on both the top and the bottom of the robot will disinfect underneath the covers. Handheld mode allows you to disinfect any surface. Simply attach the strap to the CleanseBot then hold onto the device. You can kill germs by hovering the robot over the surface. Power bank mode allows you to charge your smartphone with the CleanseBot. A 3700 mAh battery can quickly charge your devices while also cleaning your home away from home. It’ll take four hours to completely charge the CleanseBot.

Each CleanseBot device carries 18 sensors to keep the robot moving. You’ll never have to worry about your robot falling off the bed and breaking apart. The sensors are specifically created to recognize fabrics used for sheets and blankets. The team behind CleanseBot tested the robot on 40 different types of materials to ensure that the robot would work in most homes and hotels.

The Guang Zhou Institute of Microbiology and the Guangzhou Testing Center of Industrial Microbiology tested the CleanseBot’s ability to kill bacteria. The organizations found that it killed more than 99.99% of e.Coli in just thirty seconds. CleanseBot will keep you clean and healthy, no matter where you travel.