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Chill Systems Keeps Your Drinks Cooler Without Weighing You Down

Shopping for a new cooler can feel overwhelming. There are thousands of options online and in stores. Some coolers are large and bulky, while others fail to keep your drinks cool for more than a few hours. Chill Systems took these concerns and built a unique option to keep your beverages cool without weighing you down on the trail.

The Chiller was designed to make and keep up to three 12 ounce bottles or cans cool for hours. The Chiller can also fit up to a liter bottle of alcohol.

All you have to do is freeze your Chiller for at least six hours, add your drinks, toss it in your Chill Pack or Chill Tote and hit the road. The Chiller will cool your drinks in thirty minutes. Each Chiller is lined with freezing gel packs to keep your drinks cold for up to six hours. When used with the Chill Pack or Tote, drinks can stay cool for around 24 hours.

The Chill Pack is shaped like a backpack and features additional compartments and magnetic buckles to keep everything in place. There are also hidden compartments to keep valuables tucked away.

The Chill Tote can hold one Chiller and an additional 6 beer bottles, 12 cans, or 4 bottles of alcohol. There are elastic pockets to keep bottles secure and extra utility straps on the bottom of the bag. The Chill Tote also has three zipper storage compartments and a built-in keychain and bottle opener.

Each option is incredibly lightweight. The Chiller weighs in at 3.2 pounds while the Chiller Pack weighs only 1.5 pounds. All Chiller products are easy to carry while hiking, traveling, or walking along a beach. The Chiller allows you to pass on the bulky ice-filled coolers and focus on your outdoor adventure.