GEOPRESS Provides Clean Water No Matter Where Adventure Takes You

GEOPRESSWherever your outdoor adventure takes you, you have to be careful about sourcing water. You won’t always have access to clean and purified water. Any world traveler will tell you the importance of packing a water purification system before taking off into the wilderness. GEOPRESS makes it incredibly easy to have constant access to clean water.

GEOPRESS gives you 24 ounces of safe and purified water in just 8 seconds. The system was designed for travelers in the most rural and remote locations in the world. All you have to do is scoop water into the outer refill layer. Then push the inner press layer down into the water. This maneuver rushes the water through the filter system. A purifier cartridge filters out viruses, bacteria, dirt, sediment, and even microplastic.

One cartridge filter is good for 350 pushes. The filter not only provides you with clean and safe water to drink, but it also improves the taste. GEOPRESS removes 99.9 percent of bacteria, viruses, and protozoan cysts. Chemicals and heavy metals are also filtered from your water. Each purification cartridge has been tested to meet the standards of the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Each GEOPRESS lid uses TopoGrip technology. This non-slip rubber material makes it easy to grasp the bottle. The same material is also placed on the side of the bottle. The lid allows you to purify water without removing the cap. This protects you from any risk of cross-contamination. All you have to do is twist the cap to allow for a little ventilation. GEOPRESS comes in four different colors: coyote amber, visibility orange, camo black, and alpine white.

Even if you don’t plan on traveling across the world, GEOPRESS is a great resource to have here at home. It’s an easy way to always have access to clean and purified water. It’s also an easy way to cut back on your reliance on plastic bottles.

Fizzing Bottle

Fizzing Bottle Makes Sparkling Water Anywhere

Americans are obsessed with sparkling water. It’s a healthy alternative for those looking to cut sugary drinks out of their diet. While the bubbly beverage is winning over consumers, there are still concerns over recycling bottles and cans. More waste is scattered across the world each day. Fizzing Bottle offers a solution. It’s a soda-making machine that you can carry anywhere.

Fizzing Bottle

It’s easy to tote around a bottle of plain, flat water. But Fizzing Bottle allows you to have a refreshing bubbly drink at work, at the gym, or while traveling. It’s a double-sealed aluminum bottle that has its own carbonation system attached. All you have to do is insert a carbonation cartridge, twist, and fizz. It’s that simple. The bottle opens from both ends, allowing you to easily refill your Fizzing Bottle. This also makes it easier to clean. The bottle is safe for the dishwasher.

Each Fizzing Bottle is made with medical grade stainless steel. This type of metal is resistant to dings, dents, and marks. The bottle’s vacuum-insulated walls keeps moisture and condensation away. One Fizzing Bottle carbonation cartridge equals four bottles of sparkling water. You can also purchase nitrogen cartridges to add fizz to coffee, creamy teas, and alcohol.

There are several different colors and designs to choose from. The Fizzing Bottle carries 18.9 fluid ounces and is a little over ten inches tall. You can also purchase a Flipping Bottle. This bottle offers the same benefits minus the carbonation cartridges.

Besides the obvious benefit of staying alive and healthy, there are dozens of reasons why you should stay on top of hydration. Proper hydration levels can boost your mood, metabolism, and energy levels. Plenty of water will also help with weight management. Fizzing Bottle makes drinking water a little easier and a lot more delicious.


Pivo: Enhance Your Smartphone’s Creative Capabilities

PivoPeople are getting more and more creative with their smartphones. You can make videos, photos, GIFs, and specialized content with the proper technology and programs. But finding user-friendly tools can be difficult. If you are interested in starting a vlog or growing your own online content, you’ll need to find the right technology to bring your project to life. That’s where Pivo comes in.

Pivo is an interactive pod that enhances your smartphone photography. By simply placing your smartphone on the rotating device, you can capture different angles with specialized settings. Pivo’s pod works with a companion app that allows you to choose between 12 different features and 9 quick modes.

Users can get really creative with these unique modes and features. The “versus” mode allows you to create a battle between two or more people. ManyMe allows you to duplicate multiple versions of yourself. There is a standard panoramic mode in addition to the “tiny planet” feature. This allows you to take a picture that resembles a small world.

Pivo’s app offers more than just photography settings. You can do time lapses of both videos and photos. Users can also select the auto-follow mode. Once your smartphone is placed on the rotating pod, the device will follow you as you walk around. It’s perfect for users working on their own online cooking show or how-to instructional videos. Pivo has a full 360 degree turntable, offering the capability to follow you just about anywhere. You can also livestream your work directly through the app to your social media accounts.

There are also several different ways you can actually snap a photo. Pivo comes with a handheld remote, but there are also features that allow you to snap a picture by saying “cheese” or snapping your fingers. You don’t have to be close to the device to get work done.

Users can also pick up an all-inclusive Pivo kit. This includes a GoPro mount, an additional turntable, and a lightbox. All smartphones are compatible with the Pivo device. These are all tools that can enhance your online content. Pivo charges through a MicroUSB port.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a social media guru, Pivo allows you to find your inner creative streak and have fun with technology. Now the only challenge you’ll face is figuring out the correct way to pronounce GIF.

The Flare

The Flare: A Heated Shirt to Keep You Warm on the Go

Mother Nature can have some serious mood swings. Temperatures in the fall can be exceptionally tricky. Colder mornings might persuade you to add on extra layers, but you’ll be sweating by lunch time. These temperatures can also make exercising outside in the cold difficult. Rather than relying on multiple layers to keep you warm, you could use The Flare and its unique technology to regulate your temperature comfortably.

The Flare works just like an electric blanket. It’s a piece of clothing that radiates heat through a lightweight, carbon fiber heating system. The Flare can quickly spread warmth without using a lot of power. The heating system is powered through a rechargeable battery. There’s a small switch positioned at the bottom corner of the shirt. You can choose between three different modes depending on your needs. The strongest setting will use more power while the lowest will last five hours on a single charge.

Each shirt is made with a quick dry fabric that wicks away moisture and keeps you cool. It’s the perfect material to wear while working out or taking part in outdoor activities. There’s a thumbhole near the sleeve to make it easier for layering.

The Flare also features a back pocket for phones, car keys, or snacks. A side pocket is the perfect size for The Flare’s 6000mAh power bank. It’s about the same size as an iPhone 6 smartphone. The power bank can also charge your smartphone.

When you need to wash your shirt, simply remove the power bank and toss it into the washing machine, but not the dryer. It’s best to let it air dry.

The Flare isn’t just for outdoor adventurists. Even if you are just a cold person, this unique heated shirt will keep you warm year-round.

Fresh Flip

Fresh Flip: The All-in-One Self-Cleaning Litter Box

I haven’t cared for a cat since I was a teenager, but I’ll never forget cleaning out the dreaded litter box. It’s messy, unsanitary, and generally just an awful experience. It’s a chore that cat owners have to experience each day. There are several self-cleaning litter boxes available but they can be expensive or simply difficult to use. Fresh Flip is a self-cleaning and odor-eliminating litter box that does all the work for you. The device might even convince dog lovers to adopt a cat.

Fresh Flip almost looks like a kennel crate. It includes the litter box, a platform, litter mat, a scoop, container, and deodorant. The platform allows your cat to jump into the litter box but also houses the scoop and container. When you are ready to clean, simply remove the platform grate and flip the litter box over into the container. The scoop also works as a filter and catches all lumps within the box.

The platform catches stray grains of litter from your cat as he or she leaves the box. When you are finished cleaning, you can flip the container of reusable litter back into the box. This easy cleanup process keeps litter off your floors and furniture. And you don’t have to worry about inhaling the mess from the litter box. Fresh Flip takes care of the nitty gritty cleanup when it comes to your cat.

Fresh Flip

Fresh Flip also uses a special deodorant that is dispensed onto the litter. This keeps your home smelling fresh and encourages your cat to take care of business inside the Fresh Flip box. You can order deodorant from Fresh Flip or use your favorite powdered deodorant from home. While you can use any kind of cat litter with Fresh Flip, the team recommends using regular clumping litter. Smaller litters are easier to filter through the system.

Cat lovers can choose either a purple or blue Fresh Flip system.

Yaasa Elements Blanket

The Yaasa Elements Blanket Heals and Protects While Keeping You Warm

Whether your pain is physical or psychological, curling up with a soft blanket is almost guaranteed to make you feel better. Taking care of yourself is the first step in the path to healing, and now there is a blanket that claims to have more than the average blanket’s wellness properties.

Yaasa Elements Blanket

The Yaasa Elements Blanket has healing built in. SeaCell™ fibers in the organic cotton contain actual antioxidants found in seaweed that neutralize free radicals. Free radicals are molecules that are highly unstable as a result of having unpaired electrons. Electrons not in pairs seek to become paired, so free radicals can damage healthy cells by taking away their electrons. In terms of health, our bodies really are a battlefield, even on the cellular level. Think of The Elements Blanket as a very comfy shield.

But its medicinal properties don’t end there. Infrared fibers in the blanket actually cause your blood vessels to expand, increasing circulation and keeping cells healthy. Celliant® fibers recycle energy as your body releases it, increasing your recovery time after a hard workout. It also increases your tissue oxygen levels. And it is temperature regulating, meaning that you will neither overheat nor freeze during the night.

The Elements Blanket takes its name from the materials that give it its medicinal properties. The seaweed is grown in fjords in Iceland, and the Celliant® particles are found among the minerals in the earth. Geothermal energy dries the seaweed to create particles destined to become SeaCell™ fibers, the ones that shield you from free radicals.

The Elements Blanket comes in two sizes, travel size and throw size, and two colors, Charcoal and Blue.

The Titan Sock

The Titan Sock: A No-Show Sock You’ll Actually Want to Wear

The Titan Sock is a no-show sock for people so sick of no-show socks they have sworn them off forever. The creators of The Titan Sock ask you to give no-show socks one last chance. You won’t regret it.

The Titan Sock took the idea of a no-show sock and fixed all the problems you thought were inherent in the concept. If your no-show sock is constantly slipping off your heel, coming off when your shoes do, stinking after just one day, losing its mate in the wash, wearing out and getting holes, or worst of all, actually showing above your shoe – you might be tempted to call off the experiment and go back to a sock with fewer drawbacks.

But The Titan Sock has features to tackle every single one of these problems.

The Titan SockThis no-show sock is also no-slip. Its silicone webbing heel is the secret behind this feature. The fit is so snug that it will only come off when you want it to. It also incorporates silver ionized antimicrobial thread, which actively kills bacteria, preventing the dreaded odor of dirty socks. The fabric is moisture wicking and temperature regulating, further promoting comfortable and odor-free wear.

The Titan Sock’s black and white color scheme is minimalistic, sleek, stylish, and best of all – uniform. If one gets lost in the wash, its mate can simply pair up again with another identical sock. And the silver ionized antimicrobial thread is complemented by reinforced Titan Thread, which is 15 times stronger than steel. These no-show socks will not wear out or develop unsightly holes.

Last but not least, The Titan Sock will not show above your shoe. It takes the no-show part as seriously as you do.

Reduce Food Waste with Silo, the Smart Vacuum System

SiloI like to think that I’m going to eat all of the spinach I purchased at the grocery store this week. But it’s more likely that it will stay in the package and rot before I’m able to enjoy a salad. About one third of all food is wasted. Some families turn to vacuum-sealed products to help prolong their groceries’ useful lives, but many are bulky or simply don’t work.

Silo improves the traditional vacuum-seal process with new and updated technology. Each Silo system comes with a platform base that removes air from the bottom of the storage container. This process allows you to seal liquids, something that is impossible with other vacuum-seal methods. Using Silo will extend the life of your produce by at least five days, and in the case of some foods, much longer.

If you are curious about the life span of your produce, simply ask. Silo actually has Amazon Alexa built in. Users can ask Silo about the freshness of foods inside the containers. Silo can also keep an inventory of what is inside the containers to help you manage your refrigerator and pantry. That information is relayed to Silo’s companion app, which then gives you a best-by date. The app also offers storage suggestions for different types of foods.

It’s simple to vacuum-seal foods with Silo. Just place the foods inside the storage containers and then place the container on the top of the platform base. Press down and the air is sucked out in seconds. Each Silo container is made with Tritan TM plastic. This material is BPA-free, safe for the dishwasher and microwave, sturdy, and stackable. You can purchase containers in various sizes and use them over and over again. Silo comes in either black or white.

Silo has already been tested within a beta community. Those included in the pilot run have praised Silo, saying the system allows them to eat healthy without wasting money or food. Having a Silo system in your kitchen will make life a little easier and less wasteful.

Santo Coffee Cubes: Coffee Made Easy as One-Two-Three

Santo Coffee CubesCoffee keeps getting easier and easier to make, and coffee-lovers keep assimilating. Santo Coffee Cubes are the latest creative way to make a cup of coffee, and over fifteen hundred coffee-lovers have already expressed their approval by backing them on Kickstarter.

Santo Coffee Cubes are made of compressed coffee powder. To use, follow these three steps:

  1. Drop
  2. Stir
  3. Enjoy

Simply Drop one, two, or three cubes into a cup of hot milk or water and Stir for ten seconds. Just like that, your cup of coffee is ready to Enjoy. The creators call it the world’s fastest cup of coffee. It is certainly the world’s most intuitive.

The creators recommend using one cube for 6-8 ounces of liquid, two cubes for 10-12 ounces, or three cubes for 16-24 ounces. This will keep the flavor strong, no matter how much coffee you drink at a time.

Santo Coffee Cubes come in many flavors, including Caramel, Mocha, Amaretto, Vanilla, Cappuccino, Hazelnut, Dark Roast, Light Roast, and Decaf. Each cube is made with natural and organic ingredients and sweetened with a natural unrefined sweetener. Because you can prepare it with water or milk, you can skip the creamer as well as the sugar. And at between sixty-three and ninety-nine cents per cup, coffee made with Santo Coffee Cubes is substantially cheaper than anything a coffee shop can offer.

It is hard to imagine a simpler way to enjoy coffee. Santo Coffee Cubes let you skip the coffee shop line and the coffee machine, as well as reducing waste and saving time and money.

Solo Stove

Solo Stove Creates a Bright, Hot Fire, Minus the Smoke

For humans, fire has an almost magnetic quality. We love to coax it to life, feed it by hand, and gather around. But no one likes getting a face full of smoke.

The Solo Stove debuted a few years ago and quickly became a Kickstarter success. But the creators have not rested on their laurels. Since then they have released iterations on the original camp stove, so that anyone who loves a good cookout can enjoy a big or small bonfire, regardless of their space.

The newest versions of the Solo Stove are named Yukon and Ranger.

Solo Stove Yukon is for those with the space for a really big fire. At forty-five pounds, the Yukon is made to stay in one place, and it has a weatherproof cover to protect it from the elements wherever you choose to put it. It measures sixteen inches tall and thirty inches wide, and it has all the design technology that makes Solo Stoves unique.

That technology can be summed up in two words: double burn. It is the secret to the minimally smoky Solo Stove fire. The double wall heats up air, then pushes it out over the fire, creating a “secondary burn” that burns up the tiny wood particles before they can become smoke. In addition, the super efficient burning process burns wood into a very fine ash, so there is no wasted wood and virtually no mess to clean up.

Solo Stove Ranger was made with backyard patios and camping trips in mind. It is much smaller than the Yukon, weighing about fifteen pounds and measuring twelve and a half inches tall and fifteen inches wide. It uses the same double burn technology to keep smoke to a minimum and create a really beautiful fire.

Both Yukon and Ranger emit plenty of heat. Ranger distributes heat up to four feet away, while those enjoying Yukon can feel the warmth from as much as eight feet away. Both offer a no-mess, almost smoke-free way to enjoy a wood fire with friends and family.