SuperFat Offers Healthy, Convenient Snacking for Those on the Keto, Paleo Diets

This might be a startling revelation for you, especially if you are beginning to change your diet. Not all fatty foods are bad for you. While I don’t want to encourage you to eat french fries for every meal, it’s important to understand which foods offer a healthy amount of fat. Both the keto and paleo diets encourage followers to use fat as a source of energy instead of carbohydrates. SuperFat’s line of vegan nut butters allows you to enjoy a filling snack without wrecking your daily balance of macronutrients.

SuperFat snacks are made with high-quality ingredients such as macadamia nuts, coconuts, and almonds. There are also additional ingredients to give you an extra boost of nutrition. This lineup includes probiotics, plant proteins, and MCT. Each SuperFat packet is gluten-free, vegan, and certified for the paleo and keto diets. There are no added sweeteners or processed ingredients in SuperFat products.


Polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats are both considered “healthy” fats. Both help you boost your metabolism, lower cholesterol, control weight, and help brain function. These fats leave you full, so you can use a packet of SuperFat as a meal replacement.

There are five different SuperFat flavors to choose from, and each one has a macadamia and almond nut butter base. There is original, protein, MCT+probiotic, nitro coffee+MCT, and cacao. Each different flavor has different benefits. Protein is a great way to get added fuel for a workout while nitro coffee+MCT is a great way to add some pep in your step.

Starting a new diet or lifestyle can be intimidating. You might struggle to find snacks or meal replacements with the right nutrients or ingredients to fit your diet. SuperFat is an easy and delicious way to stay healthy without worrying about added sugars, processed ingredients, or fake dyes and flavors.


Kill Germs in Seconds with UVGLO, the Ultra-Portable Disinfecting Device

Our countertops, steering wheels, and door knobs are covered with an alarming number of germs. It’s an unsettling thought to process. These pathogens can include bacteria, mold, viruses, and fungus. Each one can damage our immune systems, leaving us vulnerable to illnesses and diseases. Rather than placing you in a sterilized bubble, UVGLO allows you sanitize the surfaces around you without cleaning supplies or materials.


UVGLO is a portable device that emits ultraviolet rays of light that clean any surface around you. UVGLO connects to your smartphone through the lightning port and is powered by your phone. You won’t need a battery to charge the device. Simply plug it into your phone and in just ten seconds, you can vaporize all dangerous pathogens around you.

UV-C light is a proven and efficient way to disinfect. Both scientists and those in the medical field use UV-C light to disinfect in hospitals and labs across the world. UV-C is also known to kill dangerous bacteria such as Staph, E.coli, and Salmonella.

UVGLO is compatible with Apple and Android devices. The device works at 0.4W and is extremely energy-efficient. UVGLO uses about the same amount of energy as an application on your phone. UVGLO can be used to sanitize door knobs, toothbrushes, cutlery, electronics, and personal items. Just hold UVGLO about half an inch over a surface for 10 seconds to sanitize.

There’s no need to tote around hand sanitizer or cleaning materials with an UVGLO in tow. UVGLO allows you to clean effectively without worrying about harmful chemicals or putting in the physical labor. One UV light bulb will last about 5,000 hours.

You don’t have to be a self-professed germaphobe to purchase a UVGLO. This small yet powerful device allows you protect your immune system with a simple wave from your smartphone.


Occo: Spices by the 1/4 Teaspoon Ensure Freshness and Sustainability

OccoFor recipes that require only fractions of teaspoons of spices, you have to wonder why such big jars of those same spices are necessary. To use a whole one in the 3 to 6 month window flavor experts advise, you would have to make the same recipe about 200 times. Because spices do indeed go bad, at best losing their flavor and at worst becoming carriers of foodborne illnesses, in order to be safe and to enjoy your favorite dishes at their most flavorful, you will probably wind up throwing away most of the contents of those jars.

Occo is a new way to buy and store spices. It uses modified atmosphere technology to seal 12 special aluminum chambers that each contain only a 1/4 teaspoon of spice. This technique involves using food-safe Argon gas to force the oxygen out of each little spice pocket. Oxygen is what causes decay in spices; without it, bacteria cannot survive. And because the chambers are so little, odds are you will easily use all the spice included on the card within a reasonable amount of time. In this way, you are paying only for what you use, and not for that plus everything you throw away.

The material for the spice chambers was thoughtfully selected. Aluminum is the most recyclable and recycled material in the world. 75% of the aluminum ever produced is still being used today. Between the conservative amount of spice sold per card and the smart use of resources which that entails, an idea like Occo has the potential to really make a difference.


Occo’s Kickstarter has been wildly successful, attracting over a thousand backers. The creators are selling their spices in several different collections. The Essential Collection consists of 12 of the most diverse and commonly used spices, including cinnamon, basil, paprika, mustard, ginger, oregano, and others. There are also five different mini collections that group spices into separate flavor profiles. The Heat Collection includes chili, paprika, and curry. The Sweet Collection includes cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger. The Savory Collection includes basil, oregano, and fennel. The Earth Collection includes mustard, cumin, and coriander. And for very basic recipes, the 101 Collection includes black pepper, onion, and garlic.

Occo’s spices come from all over the world, everywhere from Hungary to Indonesia, so you can be sure that the creators put in the legwork to ensure their spices are of the highest quality. They even promise that all their spices were organically grown and harvested within a year of the date they packaged and sealed them. If they aren’t sure, they won’t sell it.

Take Your Survival Into Your Own Hands with Companion

CompanionIn the wake of a disaster, natural or man-made, the first seventy-two hours are the most critical. First responders may not be able to reach certain areas, or the extent of the damage may exceed their abilities and resources. In these kinds of situations, the only person you can really count on is yourself.

With this in mind, many people choose to put together an emergency preparedness bag, but deciding what to put in it can be a challenge. Companion is a newly designed emergency survival system that has done all the hard thinking for you. It is intuitive yet sophisticated, and its materials are specifically designed to see you and one other person safely through the first seventy-two hours of a disaster.

In many ways survival isn’t complicated. There are just a few things humans need to keep going. Food, water, and shelter, combined with the means to treat basic injuries and stay warm, are usually sufficient. Companion takes the basic survival needs and builds on them to create a system that will help you survive and eventually escape. The waterproof and fire resistant kit unzips and opens flat, revealing clearly marked packages with labels like Food, Water, First Aid, Comms, Light, Warmth, Tools, and Sight+Air.


There are goggles, masks, raincoats, and blankets, along with a tent. The tools include a knife, a multi-tool, paracord, duct tape, and signal tape. For communication, there is a solar-powered radio that doubles as a flashlight and a power bank. The First Aid kit has over a hundred pieces. For heat and light, there are matches and a headlamp.

For Food and Water, there are two twenty-four hundred calorie rations of biscuits (twenty-four individually wrapped biscuits in all), along with ten water purification tabs. One tab is adequate to purify one liter of water.

Depending on other people to help isn’t a good survival plan. With the Companion system, you can rest easy knowing you have what is required to take your survival into your own hands.



US:E Protects and Monitors Your Home with Facial Recognition

Technology continues to make our lives a little easier. You can order a pizza through your smartphone, gaming system, or smart home device. You can even purchase a car while you surf the web. With all of these advances in technology, it’s not so hard to fathom that you could unlock your front door with just a glance.

The US:E is a camera-equipped smart lock that allows you to use facial recognition, a digital password, palmprint scan, a key fob, or a combination of these things to open the door. Yes, you can also use a traditional key. US:E’s goal was to allow users access to your home, even if you left your keys inside.

The built-in camera allows you to monitor your front door and let in guests from your smartphone. Users can store 100 faces in the US:E system, and the camera recognizes faces in both sunlight and in darkness. If the thought of using advanced biometric facial recognition creeps you out, US:E offers a smart lock without that technology.

Users create a digital passcode through the app. If the passcode is entered incorrectly three times, a notification is sent to your phone. US:E’s companion app is your guide to the smart lock. Through the app, users can monitor the camera, unlock the door, and make changes to settings.

If you want to feel like a secret agent, consider using either the palmprint or fingerprint scanner. Like the facial recognition, US:E can hold up to 100 fingerprints in its system. US:E’s team turned to military technology for this feature to ensure security for you and your family. No matter which security system you choose, homeowners can use a double verification process to leave your home even more secure.

US:E is easy to install and fits most doors, including wooden, aluminum, bronze, and anti-theft doors. Your front door does need to be between 30 to 45 millimeters in thickness. The smart lock itself is made with zinc alloy and a German B-grade lock cylinder.

US:E is more than just a monitoring system. This unique smart lock is a futuristic way to keep your home secure, no matter how many people you have coming and going.


This Smart Squeeze Ball Relieves Stress and Improves Grip Strength

Grip strength isn’t something you think about until you really need it, such as when you’re carrying two armloads of grocery bags inside or toting heavy shopping bags around the mall. And odds are you already know the tired, achy feeling of worn out fingers after a long day at the computer. Squegg is the smart squeeze ball that promises to increase your grip strength and give weary typists’ hands a break.


Squegg’s design makes it the most sophisticated yet intuitive squeeze ball you are ever likely to encounter. Soft, springy silicone gives you an enjoyable stress relieving, grip strength improving session. Indentations for your fingers ensure an optimal grip, and its 80 hour working battery life (do not confuse with standby time, which is a full 160 days) means that Squegg is almost always ready. Charging via the included cable takes 2 hours. But take note: the cable the smart squeeze ball comes with is just for charging – Squegg connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone, where the free app tracks your progress and even allows you to compete with family and friends.

At 66 grams and 68 mm length, the smart squeeze ball is small enough to fit in your pocket, in your desk drawer, in your purse… Chances are if you keep your wallet or phone there, Squegg will fit, too. So unobtrusive is this little gadget (no obnoxious sounds, no distracting light-up features) that you can take it and use it anywhere. Any time your are feeling antsy, fidgety, jumpy, or anxious, you can use Squegg to take your stress level down a notch or two and expend some of that nervous energy, all while improving your grip strength. And if your hands are tired from hours spent typing, this sort of grip training will actually come as a welcome respite.



Kistler: Lightweight Aerogel Jackets Keep You Warm Without Weighing You Down


Winter has arrived. Even Southern states are seeing some very cool temperatures as we progress through January. You might have reluctantly pulled out your down coats or other thick outerwear to stay warm, despite the bulkiness of such layers. The team at Kistler wanted to improve the mobility of outerwear without sacrificing warmth. Inspired by NASA’s spacesuits, they created a specialized jacket filled with aerospace technology.

Each Kistler jacket is insulated with aerogel. The material was first created in 1931 by Samuel Kistler. It’s an effective insulator, more so than down. NASA uses aerogel in suits to protect astronauts from harsh temperatures in space. While aerogel is very lightweight, it is also bulky in size and stiff. Kistler took traditional aerogel and enhanced the material to be lighter, thinner, and more flexible.

There are four different jacket styles to choose from: Series R, Series 5, Series 3, and Series 7. Each edition comes in different colors. Series R and 5 are available in both men’s and women’s sizes while Series 3 and 7 are available in men’s sizes. While all Kistler jackets are thin, the Series R and 3 are 0.5 millimeters in thickness. These two editions can protect you in temperatures as low as 32 and 14 degrees fahrenheit. The Series 5 is 2 millimeters in thickness and can withstand temperatures as low as -40 degrees while the Series 7 at 3 millimeters can withstand temperatures as low as -320 degrees.

Kistler’s thinnest jacket weighs less than one pound. Even the Series 7 weighs less than two pounds. It’s an easier way to travel without sacrificing warmth or mobility. The jacket’s material is warm but breathable. Kistler jackets also repel water, keeping you dry in the harshest of climates.

You probably don’t have plans to travel into space anytime soon. But as the temperatures continue to drop, you don’t need to continuously dress in layers to stay warm. Kistler’s technology-filled jackets will keep you insulated anywhere.


VOLO Go Combines Infrared Heat, Cordless Design for a Better Hair Dryer

VOLO GoWould it alarm you to find out that the same technology used to toast bread is also used to dry your hair? Nichrome wires, commonly used in toaster ovens, are just as commonly used in hair dryers. Both appliances use convective heat to get their jobs done. But should hair really be dried the same way bread is toasted? What is desirable in toast (its hot, crunchy texture) is not so desirable in hair.

VOLO Go is a new kind of hair dryer. Its cordless design means you can take it anywhere, outlet or no outlet. A single two hour charge will give you fourteen minutes on high heat, twenty-four minutes on medium heat, or two hours on cool. Keep in mind that with this high-efficiency hair dryer, the average woman will only need seven minutes to dry her hair completely.

VOLO Go uses infrared heat to dry hair. Infrared heat penetrates hair to dry it completely, rather than warming the air around hair to dry it from the outside in. This latter method often results in heat damage, as the outside of your hair is exposed to much more heat than necessary. And infrared heat isn’t just safe for hair – evidence suggests it is actually good for your hair, promoting a healthy scalp and healthy hair follicles.

VOLO GoIn addition, the sleek charging base includes a USB port and a dish for accessories. An LED battery indicator tells you just how much charge is left. Included concentrator attachments allow for precision drying and styling.

With its cordless design, VOLO Go is the perfect travel companion. Its salon-quality results will endear it to stylists, and its efficiency will be a big help to anyone pressed for time. Post-shower routines will be a little less time-consuming and a lot more comfortable. And minus the toaster oven treatment, your hair will be healthier, too.

Hurdle Hanger

Save Space and Organize Your Closet in Minutes with Hurdle Hanger

Hurdle HangerThere’s a strong chance that your closet is a disorganized disaster. Don’t be quick to blame yourself. After a long day of work, you’re not likely to properly hang up your clothes. That’s because traditional hangers are inconvenient. The creator of Hurdle Hanger was tired of spending valuable time organizing his closet and putting away his clothes. He funneled that frustration into designing a hanger that literally takes one second to use.

Hurdle Hanger ditches the clips of a traditional pants hanger. It is shaped like a “greater than” symbol. You can either fold pants over the hanger or slip the hanger through the belt loops of the pants. It takes just a second. Using this method will also reduce wrinkles, saving you even more time during your morning routine.

The hanger is made from high-quality A.B.S plastic. You won’t need to worry about a particularly heavy pair of wool pants breaking it. And the hanger is coated in a non-slip material so you won’t have to worry about pieces of clothing falling to the bottom of your closet.

Hurdle HangerThe Hurdle Hanger allows you to save space in your closet. If you fold your pants over the hanger, you’ll have more room in the lower areas of the closet. You can use the Hurdle Hanger to hang all types of clothing: pants, tops, sleeveless shirts, skirts, and even belts and accessories.

Our daily lives are hectic enough. The Hurdle Hanger allows you to quickly organize your closet. And if you are obsessed with Marie Kondo and her organizational method, the Hurdle Hanger makes it even easier to “spark joy” inside your closet.

Ervét’s Two-in-One Duvet Makes It Easier to Share a Bed with Your Partner

ErvétAt the core of every healthy and happy relationship lies a major problem. It always unveils itself at night. That’s when the ferocious tug-of-war battle begins. One partner usually wakes up freezing at 3 a.m. with no blankets. It can be difficult to get a good night’s sleep while lying next to someone. Ervét changes the game. It’s a two-person bedding system that keeps both occupants comfortable and happy.

Ervét has two different duvet chambers that connect through magnetic strips embedded in the linens, so you can begin your evening with a single blanket that easily splits into two as the night continues. There’s no overnight battle for the blanket, just an easy night of sleep.

Each ervét duvet is made with TENCEL and a cotton blend. This combination offers a silky and luxurious feel. Ervét uses all vegan materials, but each insert feels like down. Couples can choose their desired thickness for their insert. It’s also easy to update your insert based on the temperature outside.

Most duvet sets can be a pain to set up. Ervét duvets use zippers instead of buttons. This makes it easy to change your bedding. There are also two hidden handholes in the corners. This allows you to easily position the insert in the corners of the duvet. And if you’re concerned about your insert bunching up within the duvet, ervét has you covered. There are slip-free inserts that keep everything connected as you toss and turn.

ErvétEach ervét set comes with two duvet covers, two duvet inserts, one fitted sheet, and two pillow cases. You can choose between white or grey bedding for either a queen or king sized bed.

There is no need to place extra blankets at the foot of the bed, or wage an all-out war with your partner for the quilt. Ervét won’t magically fix any lingering relationship issues. But this unique duvet set will make it easier to get a comfortable night’s sleep next to the person you love.