Modern Customer Acquisition In E-Commerce

Direct to consumer E-commerce has seen its fair share of changes over the years. In this video, Engine Ecommerce CEO Jon James discusses the evolution of customer acquisition, where it’s going, and what you can do to convert more shoppers into customers.

Topics Include

• The changing face of customer acquisition
• Creating demand
• Establishing a relationship

Defining The Mobile Shopper

The fact that today’s shopper rarely ventures out without their mobile device has changed the way shopper marketers acquire and use consumer data. In this video, Blis Shopper Marketing Director Lauren Chesney Anderson discusses how these changes can offer companies more precise information to better define and reach their target consumer.

Topics Include:

• The mobile shopper
• Same shopper, different data
• Identifying your shopper

Using Key Words And Data To Keep Your Item Listing On Top

Whether you’re selling on Amazon,, or some other eCommerce site, your rank is in constant flux. In this video, Dale Treece, Head of Product for Webata shares his expertise on misperceptions and strategies related to displaying your products front and center for consumers who know what they want, as well as those who may not yet realize their need what you have to offer.

Topics Include:

• Ranking instability
• The “staying on top of it” myth
• KPI variables and keywords
• Multiple keywords for maximum exposure

Pioneering E-Commerce

The Walmart/Amazon battle is nothing new, but Walmart believes it has the key to victory. In this video, Webata Head of Product Dale Treece discusses Walmart’s strategy and how his company can help you make the smart decisions necessary to successfully ride that Walmart wave.

Topics Include:

• Walmart is in it to win it
• The distribution advantage
• Focusing on OGP

Knowing Your Shopper: Precision Marketing at Scale

There is a lot of competition out there for the attention and wallet today’s savvy shopper. In this video, join Tom Brydon, Regional Manager for Blis and Melody Dickinson, Sales Digital Analytics for RSI as they offer tips, tricks and important information on knowing your shopper and serving them with targeted, personalized messages through precision marketing and measurement at scale.

Topics Include:

• The rise of the smartphone
• Gathering consumer data: self-reported metrics vs actual behavior
• Audience segmentation
• Integrating the demand signal
• Case studies

Making The Most of Collaboration

Today’s retail market is increasingly competitive, and it’s much harder to win without the benefit of a knowledgeable and diverse team. Join Aki Technologies’ Cassie Murray and Saatchi & Saatchi X’s Mary Callender as they discuss the importance of collaboration and how teams and agencies can work together without giving away the “secret sauce.”

Topics Include:

• Working smarter through collaboration
• Practicing efficiency
• Beyond the NDA
• Building relationships

Overcoming Business Challenges Leveraging Location Data

In today’s highly competitive market, launching a new product is not for the faint of heart. Join Amplify Retail Executive Consultant Allisha Watkins and GroundTruth VP Mark Fleisch as they share how they leveraged location data to overcome specific challenges during a project which launched a new brand with multiple items in a new-to-company category.

Topics Include

• The challenge
• The solution
• The role of location in new product launches
• Using location data to personalize messaging
• The results