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Carivino Makes Enjoying Wine Outdoors Convenient and Classy

Serving wine outdoors is a great way to elevate your trip to the campground, the beach, the pool, or any destination in between. It adds a touch of romance and class to the occasion. It also adds complication. How to keep the wine cool? How to store the glasses? How to avoid misplacing the corkscrew?

The makers of Carivino have been there, and they have designed a product that makes enjoying wine outdoors simple, intuitive, and very, very classy. Carivino is a 750 ml bottle, vacuum insulated and lined with ceramic, that holds a full bottle’s worth of wine, a cork pull, and wine glasses nested inside the base.


To use, just choose a bottle of wine, uncork it, and pour it into Carivino. All the wine in the bottle will fit; there won’t be any left over. Fit Carivino’s top back on and stow the bottle anywhere. Vacuum insulation will keep the wine cold all day, no ice required. When it is time to enjoy, you can do so knowing the wine will taste as good as the moment you uncorked the original bottle. That’s because Carivino is lined with ceramic, which won’t leave that metallic aftertaste that is the death of any great wine-drinking experience. And the built-in aerator will keep the wine flavorful and fresh.

Nested inside the base of the bottle are two tumblers with magnetic stems, along with a cork pull. Just like that, you have everything you need for a convivial evening spent over wine, all contained in a sleek, elegant bottle you can take anywhere.