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Canary Cold Brew: Ready-to-Drink Cold-Brew Coffee Delivered to Your Door

Canary Cold BrewThese days, almost anything you use on a regular basis can be obtained via online monthly subscription service. Cleaning, cosmetics, hygiene, household and food items all can be had without a trip to the store. It’s convenient and cost effective, plus it saves time to order online and have it delivered. And now, even your morning coffee can be delivered.

Canary Cold Brew offers two varieties of small-batch brewed coffee that can be delivered in quantities and on a timetable that meets your needs, and can be updated at a moment’s notice.

Canary Cold Brew coffee comes in 8oz cans, ready to be refrigerated, and can be consumed straight from the can. Choose from two varieties – Original Blend, a fully caffeinated coffee to get you going in the morning, or Afternoon Blend, a less-caffeinated version, perfect for late-day breaks that won’t disrupt your sleep at night.

Canary Cold BrewCanary sources beans that are Fair Trade certified, as well as organic. With just a few clicks, you can pause or accelerate your shipments, depending on your habits. And based on where you normally get your daily dose of cold brew, Canary can save you hundreds of dollars a year. The average price of a cold brew at a coffee chain is near a whopping $5 a serving. Depending on your preferences, each serving of Canary costs between $2 and $3 per serving. That’s a savings of almost half the average spend. Plus, there’s no driving, ordering, or waiting for your coffee to be prepared.

Canary Cold Brew comes in packs of 12 and 24. Mix and match each blend in multiples of 6 to achieve the amount of each variety you wish to have on hand.

Additionally, when you set up your account, you get a referral link to share with friends and family, and earn FREE coffee with each referral order.