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Campers Can Stay Cool with the No Bake Tent

No Bake TentMany campers avoid trekking out in the summer to avoid hot temperatures. Standard tents retain a ton of heat, which isn’t fun to wake up to in the mornings. The No Bake Tent offers exactly what its creators advertise. It’s a tent that uses newer technologies to keep you cool while you camp. The outer layer of the No Bake Tent reflects 90 percent of infrared and visible light rays. Inside the tent, there’s an inner layer of material that prevents the heat from staying inside the tent. At the top of the tent, there’s vents that allow any heat to escape. There’s even ports ready to be connected to an A/C unit to keep you even cooler.

In test trials, the creators of the No Bake Tent compared their tent to a standard tent, made of regular fabric. At 12 p.m., the recorded air temperature was 83 degrees. Inside the No Bake Tent, it was also 83 degrees. But inside the standard tent, temperatures reached 115 degrees.

It’s the perfect tent for any fans of summer camping. The No Bake Tent can sleep six adults. Inside the tent, there’s an interior height of 6’6 feet. The floor is 9 by 10 feet, and includes a front and rear vestibule, perfect for storage or a sleeping place for animals.

The No Bake Tent is also loaded with cool accessories. There are solar panels at the top of the tent, which allow you to charge all of your electronics. Inside the tent, there’s four cupholders and two table pockets. The doors to the tent have pockets for even more storage.

No Bake TentThe No Bake Tent does more than just keep you cool, it’s created for harsh outdoor weather. The outer layers of the tent and even the zippers are resistant to sand and wind. Sleeping in the desert? You’re golden.

When everything is packed down, the No Bake Tent weighs under 30 pounds, so if you are planning a pretty lengthy trek, it’s a perfect companion for your trip.

So grab five of your closest friends, pack light and enjoy nature. Without melting.