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Bristly Lets Dogs Brush Their Own Teeth for Better Oral Health

BristlyHealthy teeth and gums are not just an issue for humans. Pets have dental needs, too. In many homes, the family dog is not just a pet, but a functioning member of the family. That kind of closeness means a smelly, unhygienic dog could be a problem. Bathing is a normal part of pet ownership. So is dental care. And a new toothbrush for dogs is making it almost effortless.

Bristly is a chew toy with a dual purpose: it not only gives your dog a satisfying toy to bite on, it also cleans their teeth as they play. Bristly comes in suitable sizes for all dogs, small to large. It stands upright on its own, aided by ergonomically designed stabilizing feet, so your dog can hold it with its paws while chewing.

Made of meat-flavored rubber, Bristly will last for about three months before needing to be replaced. And while it’s not meant for children, families with little kids will be reassured to know Bristly complies with all US Child Toy Safety Standards.

Bristly is antimicrobial and can go in the dishwasher. You can also hand wash Bristly with dish soap and the included cleaning brush.

BristlyBristly’s dual-sided design cleans dogs’ teeth as they chew. Plaque and debris are removed all the way to the gumline. Toothpaste is dispensed from a tube in the center of bristly. Simply refill before each use. (Special toothpaste is available and sold separately.)

Supervision is suggested during brushing, and since it’s not actually a toy, it’s recommended Bristly only be used for five minutes a day, washed, and put away, once teeth are cleaned.

Bristly is available in three sizes, Small, Medium, and Large. A heavy-duty version is also available for heavy chewers.