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BricksPower: A Portable, Wireless Powerbank/Charger Combo for Your Mobile Phone

If you have one of the most recent iPhones or Samsungs, you are probably aware it is capable of charging wirelessly. In theory, this is a great idea. But in reality, you are actually still tethered to a wall outlet, because the charger itself needs power. BricksPower, however, is new and different. Once charged, the power bank tethers to the charger, both attach to your phone, and then you are truly capable of completely wireless charging on the go.


Here’s how it works: If your phone is capable of wireless charging, all you need is the BricksPower powerbank and charger. Once your powerbank is fully charged, just click the charger and powerbank together, then attach both to the back of your phone. Super-sticky nano-pads (tiny suction cups) keep the whole thing securely in place on your phone. All you have to do to keep these tiny suction pads functional is wipe both surfaces using a small amount of warm water every so often, and allow to dry fully before adhering again.

But say you don’t have a phone that charges wirelessly. No problem. You just need to add the BricksPower wireless charging receiver. It’s a small item that adheres to to the back of your device, and connects using the lightning, micro-usb, or Type-C port on the end of your phone. Then, use the BricksPower charger exactly as you would on a newer phone.

BricksPower chargers come in your choice of two color combinations: black and orange or black and grey. All BricksPower components are FCC and CE certified, and use QI standard wireless charging transmitters.