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Bobcat Keeps You Warm Anywhere Without Weighing You Down

BobcatIt’s important to pack the right supplies when preparing for an outdoor trip. High-quality sleeping gear is a must if you plan to spend the night outside. Heavily-insulated sleeping bags can weigh you down on the trail, but thin blankets will leave you freezing overnight. Bobcat’s specialized quilts keep you warm without adding extra weight to your pack.

Bobcat can be used as an overquilt, underquilt, or sleeping bag. Each quilt is filled with downtek insulation. The outer layer is made with an Atmos nylon fabric, which is water-repellant and tear resistant. Bobcat’s outer layer material is stitched with a diamond pattern. This keeps the blanket evened out without adding extra weight.

Each Bobcat weighs 19 ounces and offers complete comfort at 45 degrees fahrenheit. When you’re ready to pack up, the Bobcat simply rolls up into its own carrying case. There is also a drawstring embedded on each end of the blanket. This allows you easily and efficiently pack up. Bobcat is small enough to fit as a carry on item on flights. The case is made of water-repellent nylon.

Bobcat comes in three different colors: ember orange, midnight blue, and pine green. There are two sizes: an 88” by “54 and 84” by 54”. Each Bobcat comes with the quilt, carrying case, two sleeping bag straps, and an underquilt conversion kit. The team behind Bobcat hopes to offer different sizes in the future.

This lightweight blanket isn’t only for outdoor enthusiasts. It can be used at home or on the go. Bobcat will keep you warm anywhere without weighing you down.