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Bloomberg: Amazon HQ2 Push Was Driven by Envy, Hubris

Photo Credit: Robert Scoble via Flickr cc

A new report from Bloomberg, based on interviews with twelve individuals close to the Amazon HQ2 effort, says that the very public push for big incentives was driven by envy and hubris.

According to the report, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos wanted government incentives for his company’s HQ2 to rival incentives given to Elon Musk. Warnings from experienced employees were ignored, and for a time the publicity seemed to be working – until pushback caused Amazon to back out of plans to open one half of its new headquarters in New York.

Meanwhile, a bipartisan group of state lawmakers is considering a non-aggression pact to halt the kind of tax-incentive bidding war unleashed during the HQ2 process. “This entire thing was an ego exercise that blew up in Jeff Bezos’s face,” says one of the people.

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