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Big Blanket Co: The Biggest Blanket on the Market Might Also Be the Best

Big Blanket CoFor reasons indiscernible to most, the average throw blanket is actually shorter than the average person it is meant to cover, and totally inadequate for multiple person snuggle-fests. Big Blanket Co is the biggest blanket on the market, and it makes the bold boast that it is the best as well.

The claim to bigness is irrefutable. At 10 feet by 10 feet, Big Blanket Co is big enough to accommodate a whole family, not just a whole person. It is perfect for family movie night, or even for camping and picnicking and tailgating. Or use it on a king-size bed instead of a comforter.

As for the “best blanket” claim – we will let the specs speak for themselves. Big Blanket Co is made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex, for a material that has plenty of warmth, softness, and stretch. It is moisture-wicking and temperature regulating, ensuring long-term comfort. It is machine-washable, so you can take it camping and picnicking without fear, and say “no problem” to popcorn and soda spills.

Big Blanket CoThe testimonials are glowing. One person compared Big Blanket Co to his favorite pair of yoga pants. Another, an eight-year-old, said he had used it to make “the coolest blanket fort ever.”

The idea of Big Blanket Co is so bold, the makers claim that the first blanket manufacturer they contacted told them it was impossible (but in a much less nice way). Luckily for blanket enthusiasts everywhere, others disagreed.

Big Blanket Co is live on Kickstarter and having a big success, raising over seven times its funding goal with several days still to go.