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Banish Germs with Klistem, the 90-Second UV-C Sterilization System

KlistemMore people are turning to reusable containers to store and carry beverages. While this is a fantastic option to reduce waste and protect our environment, you might not be aware of how many germs these containers can carry. According to a recent study completed by EmLab P&K, more than 300,000 bacteria colonies can exist in a typical water bottle. That’s more than a standard toilet.

Klistem is a portable sterilizer that uses UV-C light to kill germs anywhere. Simply add your water bottle or container to the platform and push down. This will activate Klistem’s UV-C light and sterilize your bottle in just 90 seconds. Klistem’s UV-C rays will kill 99.99 percent of bacteria in the container. In addition to killing the lingering bacteria, Klistem will remove that horrid smell that can stay behind in plastic bottles even after a wash.


Don’t think Klistem can only sterilize water bottles. Baby bottles, makeup, and digital accessories can also be cleaned. Each Klistem comes with a tray extender to fit bigger bottles and containers. It’s also travel-friendly. Klistem weighs in at 9.5 ounces and can easily be transported anywhere. Klistem can be charged with any device with a USB port.

Let’s talk about Klistem’s sterilization process. The 253.7nm UV-C rays are produced from the bottom of the platform. This ensures that the rays reach all corners of the container. The drying process begins once the rays pass through the container. This pulls out all moisture from the container and prevents any foul smells or bacteria from forming. Once the container is removed from Klistem, the system turns off.

Klistem uses LED colored lights to show the sterilization progress. These lights can also be used as ambient decorations when not in use. Klistem comes in either white or black with a glossy finish.

Don’t let germs discourage you from using reusable containers. Klistem allows you to kill dangerous bacteria at home, at work, or during your commute with a simple push.