About Us

We are a gathering place and resource center that enables the worldwide "Supplier Community"​ to grow their businesses at retail. Our content, training, classes, and events let retailers, suppliers, and service providers gain skills, experience and connections that reflect the way business is being done today.

A Gathering Place

At its foundation, the Supplier Community site is a powerful database that facilitates Discovery and Connectivity; helping consumer product companies find the help and information they need to manage and grow their operations effectively.

We are also a content platform that helps experts and other service providers engage qualified leads.

A Resource Center

The Supplier Community site also offers a suite of valuable resources.

News, Views, & Reviews: We’re a one stop shop for industry news, expert views, and new product reviews.

Supplier Education: A peer-to-peer, video-based training platform, with lessons taught and best practices shared by subject matter experts from all over the world.

Events: We host conferences, trade shows, classes, and interactive live broadcasts for CPG professionals throughout the year.

Our Team

  • Bill Sussman - President & CEO
  • Amanda Apple - Partnership Development
  • Cindy Bridges - Site Content
  • Joshua Irwin - Video Content